This is the site that will allow you to get a free radio code by indirectly using a radio code generator! There is no need to worry about using your old locked radio in your vehicle as we are able to find your lost radio code completely free of charge no matter what model radio it is or what vehicle you use it in! Believe us, our methodology has never failed any of our users!

How The Radio Code Generator Works

The radio code generator is a sophisticated tool that uses a huge database of data that comes from the collection of all manufacturers of radio devices used in vehicles! This database is at our disposal at any time, so we can guarantee that every code is available and our task is only to detect its location in the data base and extract it from there. Clearly, ultimately this unique radio code as information is only shared with its rightful owner so that only he can enjoy the benefits of using his own radio in his own vehicle.

Free Radio Code

How can this universal tool prevent a thief from using someone else’s radio? The answer is very precise! In order to obtain the radio code that should be compatible with your locked radio code, you must first confirm that you are the rightful owner of the radio device by sharing the information that confirms this with us. That information relates to the VIN combination which is unique to each different vehicle and the serial number of the locked radio which is also unique to each radio. This way we prevent misuse of this powerful tool and prevent bad things from happening!

What The User Needs To Do To Be Able To Use The Radio Code Generator

The procedure for using the radio code generator by any user is only indirect. This means that any user does not have access to the generator. Believe me, we also tried that variant in the past but the problems with completing the download, installation or online use where there were constant problems forced us to introduce some new methodology. That’s why we decided that each of the users should manually fill out an online request in which they will write down all the necessary information needed to recover any lost radio code, and let our professionals work with the generating process itself.

The whole process goes something like this:

  1. You are completing an application to receive a free radio code.
  2. We are processing your request.
  3. You receive the radio code to your email address.

Data you need to get the correct radio code are:

  1. You select a vehicle model in which your locked radio device is located.
  2. You fill in data about the VIN of the vehicle and the serial number of the locked radio device.
  3. You enter your email address, which you should actively use.
Radio Codes Generator

The processing of your request can last from a few hours to a maximum of 48 hours depending on the exact model of the radio device and the frequency of current requests that have been submitted before your request and have not yet been processed. If you come to this waiting stage, we apologize in advance, but you should still have enough patience and wait to receive the radio code in your email address!

Radio Code Generator

Apply For Free Radio Code

Entering The Radio Code Into The Locked Device After You Receive It

To our satisfaction and yours, the final stage of this process involves you manually entering the radio code you received in your email address. The process of requesting and filling in data, the waiting phase which is the most problematic, has passed and we are already in the phase to collect the fruits of our and your joint work.

Depending on the exact model of your lock radio, the entry procedure may vary from model to model. Most often you need to:

  • Just press the buttons on the front of the radio device once to enter the code.
  • Press the keys repeatedly until the correct digit you need to enter appears in place of the digit you are entering.
  • You turn and press the button to turn on the radio until you have set all the digits of the radio code you received.
Free Radio Code Generator

The entry process is simple and even if you have to complete this procedure for the first time, it is nothing scary and you will get the hang of it, just like any new mobile phone or computer application that you have learned to use in the past. If an unexpected problem occurs, it would be nice to watch a video guide from the more famous places for uploading video materials of this type for entering the radio code.