Whenever there is a lack of electricity in your Seat Altea radio device due to a battery change, that device will present a locked screen the next time it is turned on, which will not allow you to use it until you enter a regular Seat Altea radio code! This code is the same original Seat Altea radio code that you received when purchasing the vehicle! Along with all the documentation for the vehicle, you also received a document for the radio device in which its unlock code is written.

Seat Altea Radio Code

The bad news is that most often this type of document is not kept by anyone for a long time. Over time, we usually throw these documents away and the moment we need the Seat Altea unlock code, we no longer have it. It’s bad, because you need additional help from professionals to help you get your unique code back.

The good news that follows is that this problem can be solved completely free of charge! If you decide to follow our instructions, you will get your unique radio code for free.

Seat Altea Radio Code Calculator

Seat Altea Radio Code Calculator

To get your unique radio code in your possession we suggest that you share with us the unique information that describes your locked Seat Altea radio device as well as your vehicle. Required information to send us is the VIN of the Seat vehicle and the serial number of the locked radio device. Of course, when entering the data below, be sure to enter the correct email address to which you should receive your unique Seat Altea radio codes once it has been found. Start by entering all the necessary data using the application form below!

Radio Code Generator

Apply For Free Radio Code

After processing the data, your Seat Altea radio code will be sent to your email address. From there get the unlock code and finally unlock your locked radio device. The process of entering the code is very simple and is done by pressing the buttons on the front of the device itself. If you have problems entering, feel free to look at some guides for entering this type of code on YouTube or Vimeo!


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