Let’s enable you to continue using your Citroen radio by entering the correct Citroen radio code which we will retrieve for you from the main database of this type of data! Our generator is already linked to the content of this database and you only need to help us detect your lost radio code by linking it to the VIN combination of your Citroen car and the serial number of your locked radio!

Citroen Radio Code

This procedure, which we are willing to do for you free of charge, is fully in line with our main mission to help all real owners of vehicles in which the radio device does not work for any reason. We know and are aware of the difficulty of the whole thing, and that’s why we work on a freelance basis to solve these problems that have piled up in the past.

Citroen Radio Code Generator

Citroen Radio Code Generator

The Citroën radio code generator is available for free. You will only use it indirectly because we are the ones managing the whole situation and you are just sending us the appropriate information about you lino, your vehicle and the locked Citroen radio device in order to correctly detect which password from the main data base it’s about. Your first task (out of a total of two that you have to complete independently and manually) is to enter all the necessary data in the online request that we have prepared for you. Fill it out!

Radio Code Generator

Apply For Free Radio Code

The second manual task you need to complete is to manually enter the resulting Citroën radio code into your locked radio device in order to unlock it. The procedure is simple when you already have the original Citroen radio code! We wish you to enjoy the musical interpretations that you will listen to on your old functional Citroën radio device!


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